Positive Relaxation

Do you ever feel stressed? Do you ever suffer from anxiety? Do you find it hard to slow down and calm your thoughts? Nearly all of us do at some time or another and this can have negative effects on many aspects of our lives.

It has been proved that just a few minutes of quality relaxation time taken regularly every day can have a dramatic effect on our mental health and sense of well-being. Here, I offer you nearly half an hour of hypnosis for relaxation. No special effects, no echo, no split sound. Just my voice, with a music background if you so wish.


Three tracks in all:

Track 1 - Introduction. Duration = 5m18s

Track 2 - Positive Relaxation with music background. Duration = 28m56s

Track 3 - The same hypnotic recording - voice only. Duration = 28m56s

People who are epileptic, and those suffering from serious mental illness, should seek medical advice before listening to the recording. You should not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

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