Positive Relaxation - with split stereo sound and echo effects

PLEASE NOTE - This recording offers exactly the same relaxation technique as the first Positive Relaxation but this time also includes two short bursts of left/right ear split-stereo (for left/right brain awareness) - this is where you will hear my voice saying one thing in one ear and something different in the other ear at the same time, and you don't have to concentrate on either for the subconscious to hear it all; and echo effects.

Three tracks in all:

Track 1 - Introduction. Duration = 5m18s

Track 2 - Positive Relaxation with music background. Duration = 23m39s

Track 3 - The same hypnotic recording - voice only. Duration = 20m57s

People who are epileptic, and those suffering from serious mental illness, should seek medical advice before listening to the recording. You should not listen whilst driving or operating machinery.

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